Miss Shirley Perkins Jaco

Be prepared for anything child when you have the honor of her
company! This Mississippi native knows her roots, and with her
she brings a bit of country to the big city of Chicago where she
currently resides.

Be sure to show up READY this includes a pen and paper because
this wonder woman will drop tons of knowledge on you, and keep
you questioning more?

Amazingly this woman's energy levels runs very high, even in
the company of death she holds her head high with confidence.
Then she dances her way around  
"Shelly Jean's Kitchen Café" preparing something absolutely
"Delish" southern-style food for the soul; for the many friends
and family members who frequent her charming touch of African
themed home.

She has opened her doors welcoming many people from different
walks of life, hosted such well known names as Anthony Burdain,
Erkha Badue and her very own celebrity son Grammy Award
winning music artist Lupe Fiasco.

Shirley has a beautiful, extremely gracious SOUL, she is
BLESSED with God given talents, and wonderful family and
Shirley is a proud mother of 5 children,
7 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, and
EARTH MOTHER to many, more yet to be born.
Very special thanks to Shirley and her family.

We are looking forward to things to come

Feature by MisTriss