Monday: 10 Basic STRETCH & Yoga
30+ minutes of cardio
biking, walking, hiking, running, stairs, jump rope
*Mediation 10-20 min

Tuesday: STRETCH
Upper body Arms
Bicep curls, 3x  max reps
Triceps kick-backs, 3x
Shoulder presses, 3x  
chest press/push up  3x,
*Meditation 10-20 min

Wednesday: STRETCH
Abs and Obliques
Crunches, max reps
Bicycle crunches, max reps
Oblique crunches, max reps
Plank, hold for 30- max seconds
Side plank, hold for 30- max seconds on each side
core training  *Meditation 10-20 min

Thursday: STRETCH
Lower Body
Walking lunges, 30-60 reps on each leg
Wall squat, hold for 30-max seconds
Calf raises, both legs, 3x 10 on each leg
Jump squat, 15 reps 3x
*Meditation 10-20 min

30 minutes of cardio of your choice
* Meditation 10- 20 min

Saturday and Sunday
STRETCH *Meditation 10-20 min Rest.
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