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Welcome to this month's article on Health and Fitness.
I’m kick starting ideas in health and nutrition. I've been involved in fitness for over
20 years and also compete in fitness competitions all over the United States. I
also attend Private Trainers Association, IFBB Pros Certification Authority.
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Before we begin it’s important to check with your physician and get a physical.
Make sure your doctor is aware you are planning a workout program. Making
time for yourself in today’s world is almost impossible let alone going to a gym
to workout. We will start with an article I once read called the mental game. Not
only did it talk about eating right but how to start by changing ones way of
thinking. Instead of eating something that is unhealthy stop yourself and go for a
healthy meal or snack. I use a technique that may help and that is preparing your
meals for the week. Each day take a meal with you in a cooler. This may be
difficult if you have children but remember to love yourself so you will be around
to take care of your loved ones.

Here we go, The GYM, I know you maybe thinking, time is an essence, There is
not room in your budget for a membership or may not have the energy. But this is
where we change our ways of thinking. Ever notice when you get to the gym and
step foot inside your whole attitude changes?  This is a time when your Body
and Mind can work together. Also if you have children be sure to find a gym that
offers childcare. Can’t get to a gym? Now we can become creative. A 40-minute
fast walk in your neighborhood or the park is a great start. Find things around
your home to lift and be sure to include push-ups and sit-ups.

Let’s not forget to stretch. Stand up, get on your toes, and lift your fingertips to
the ceiling. Go ahead---S T R E T C H! Feel the pull in your calves, your
abdomen, your shoulders, your arms and your legs! Congratulations! You have
just activated almost every muscle in your body!

Most people are “shallow breathers,” This type of breathing causes carbon
dioxide to build up in your blood and make you doze-y, snooze-y and lethargic. By
taking in a few deep breathes, you will get the oxygen moving through your
system again. This will help you to become alert!  Take Vitamins and drink plenty
of water. Exercising three times a week will promote sleep, lower cholesterol
and help you live a longer life.

Let’s not forget: Keep a balance, Body mind and spirit. Being honest with
yourself is the key to true happiness. Much work comes from inside. Remember
to be in the now. Albert Einstein once said, in the mist of difficulty lies
opportunity.  So be strong, stay positive, motivated and live your dreams with

Please join me as I share insight and information in Health and wellness.
Happiness to all!

Sheila Lynne,