5 Things You Can do to Help Bees
1. Plant bee-friendly flowers & herbs in your garden or yard.
2. Don't use chemicals and pesticides
to treat your lawn or garden.
3. Buy local, raw honey.
4.  Bee water thirsty bees need a safe place to drink,
tip: try marbles in a glass container.
5. Enjoy Lemon Rose Water & donate to support bees.

Fresh Lemons
Organic Cane Sugar
Local Raw Unfiltered Honey
Organic Vanilla Extract
Rose Syrup
Lemon Syrup
Spring Water Infused with Rose Petals

Health Benefits
Honey contains
flavornoids, antioxidants reduce risk of cancers and
heart disease.
Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal
Reduce cough and throat irritation
Rose helps with dehydration
Weight Loss
Lemons are an excellent source of potassium
Vitamin C Immune Boost
Improves Digestion
Protection From Infections & Colds
Healthy Skin
Ancients have traditionally used
rosewater for its main benefits:
powerful antioxidants, healing
wounds, face toner revitalize and
moisturize the skin.

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